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- Silver symbolizes light, it has the ability to provide harmony and peace.

- Silver is one of the most difficult-to-cut metal.

- Silver captures and stores different information and energy, so it's important to know who made the silver work of art and where it was bought.

- The highest silver alloy is 999°.

- It is quite risky to but the antiques silver works of art (and not only) because their history can store negative information. Silver takes it most actively. The energy of the item will affect also the new owner. Captured energy can be liquidated when the silver is specially burned at about +500... + 750° C (look for silversmith).

- In order to determine whether the silver is genuine, you should buy a special liquid, which changes its color when poured on silver. If the corresponding place gets brown - it's a fake, but if it becomes dark – it’s real.

- It has been scientifically proven that silver has antibacterial properties.

Silver Jewellery

- It is better to wear silver than gold jewellery in everyday life.

- It is recommended to remove all jewellery in the evening and to rinse it under running water, thus allowing the jewellery to rest at night.

- Jewellery should not be lent to foreign people, to give rings to try on, it is important that the jewellery has only one owner.

- At least four times a year, after each season, jewellery should be washed more thoroughly. Chains and rings collect much. All silver and gold items should be placed in a small pot, poured with water and boiled. The chains should be closed to prevent them from tangling. A tablespoon of grated laundry soap (not fine or flavored), a tablespoon of drinking soda and a tablespoon of ammonia should be added. Boil for 3-4 minutes. When the liquid slightly cools down, the jewellery should be removed and cleaned with a toothbrush, then rinsed in warm water.

- It is not recommend wearing chains around your neck all the time. They block the flow of energy.

Many people worry if there are dark streaks on the skin after silver rings, bracelets, chains. It's not bad, on the contrary - it means that silver treats. The application of jewellery should be continued until the skin doesn’t become dark.

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